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Mela Cooke


Mela is a Brisbane sculptor working in bronze. Her work can be found in Europe, U.S, Asia, N.Z and Australia.

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About Mela Cooke

Originally a physiotherapist, I sculpted part time for many years. When I sold my physio practice around ten years ago I became a full time sculptor .
I think that physiotherapy gave me a great understanding of both the human form and working in three dimensions.
My work is entirely figurative, and I sculpt both people and animals, as well as occasional objects.

Over the years I have completed eighteen bronzes which are in the streets of Maryborough (Qld) and I am also progressively sculpting two series, one of sportspeople and the other of Australian endangered animals. Apart from my outdoor work, I sculpt mainly smaller indoor bronzes which are suitable for interior spaces in homes.

I work  in clay which is then moulded and cast in bronze; this  allows me to get great definition and subtlety of line.

My aim is always to capture the character and soul of my subject.
I love both the process and timelessness of bronze, and I always hope that the viewer will gain the same degree of pleasure that I do from my sculptures.

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