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Maximiliano Salvatierra


Max Salvatierra is an architect and a self-taught artist based in Sydney. Captivated by the beauty in nature and by the spirit and brightness of people, Max captures them through a scribble technique with fine-point pens, where the expression of the lines and loops become dedicated details to define and give life to the subject represented.

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About Maximiliano Salvatierra

Drawing has always been a part of my life and probably it was the trigger to start my university degree in Architecture (at least in the beginning). The creative process and construction are applicable in both fields. However, drawing and painting give me the opportunity to explore and express myself with more freedom.

I have explored different medium and techniques (oil, acrylic, mix media, etc.) but over the last 5 years, I’ve been producing drawings under the scribble technique using fine black pens (the same I used at the beginning of my architectural career). Eventually, I started to explore colours with this technique and I found that the process is much fun and the result is very exciting.

Even when the technique is basically the same (scribbles), the processes are slightly different. The black and white version plays with shadows and lights and asks for dedicated details to capture the subject. On the other hand, the different layers of the colour version render a picture of thousands of tones, that only upon close inspection it is clear that just three colours have been used.

Hopefully, you will find my work interesting.

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