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Mark Daniel


I create art in Far North Queensland

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About Mark Daniel

I was born in Sydney Australia last century before the internet, and I thank God I get to create art; it gives me a lot of joy.
My first exposure to art was comics created by artist like Uderzo (Asterix) and Herge (Tin, Tin); I liked the colour and the line. This style of illustration is called Ligne Claire which is French for clear line. Artists use flat colours and black line to create depth and there is little shading or blending of colours. The other part of comics and cartoons is the fascinating characters and the adventures that they have.
My art currently is about creating colorful characters inspired in part by nostalgia for the comics of my youth. I add the colour lines over the flat colour areas to create a deeper and more dynamic feeling. I also seek to recreate a cartoony look and feel by painting with a black outline.
As I matured I was introduced to other artists including, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Howard Arkley, Reg Mombassa, Keith Haring, Philip Guston. This also influenced my style. I also seek to be very expressive and create work that has feeling it is not perfect or super realistic but does have feel. I am largely self-taught though I went to TAFE to study art and particularly painting and drawing in 2005 and 2006.
I sign my name Mark Daniel because no one can pronounce McLaughlin.

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