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Marie Delany

Hobart TAS

My passion for creative expression goes back to early childhood where I loved to spend time drawing, painting and experimenting with music.

My paintings are characterised by a dream-like atmosphere, exploring concepts of the vital force and the interconnected values of our environment. I believe art has the power to connect, inspire and challenge our surroundings.

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About Marie Delany

Thank you for visiting my art.

Ever since I could remember, I have had an understanding that we are so much more than we allow ourselves to be and that the realm of non-ordinary reality that escapes the limits of rationality, is not illusory. Growing up, these feelings manifested into passions for art, literature, philosophy, metaphysics and esoteric pursuits.

I try to create art that is both interesting and unique. I draw inspiration from personal experience, literature and music and aim to engage the viewers’ attention to other possibilities and places of higher introspection.

My process always starts with an intention or theme and interpreted onto the canvas utilising colour, form and texture to create a meaningful story usually indicated in the title.

The application of both sculpted Japanese Chiyogami Paper and gold metal leaf are often features in my work because of their ability to intensify depth, colour, shape and reflective light. Water and celestial objects are also illustrated in my paintings because of their strong association with transformation and expansion.

Painting brings me great joy and I hope to bring a sense of magic to your home through that connection. I’m happy to discuss your ideas and needs.

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