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Mandy McGuire

Sunshine Coast

My passion is for the figure, any figure – be it person, animal or object – within the scape. I am always looking for the narrative. In my mind there is a story for everything and I aim to suggest this idea through my little paintings. I enjoy working in small format. There is always room for another little painting, especially one that invites the viewer to investigate.

Artworks: 16

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About Mandy McGuire

Because I love figures (person, animal, object) in the scape – many subjects are, of interest to me. All the imagery seems to sit comfortably together in my artist mind. I have been fascinated with narrative art for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I paint from photographs, especially portraits, but I also enjoy working from life. I look for a particular atmosphere or emotion, or suggested narrative.
Pines, more recently, have become my dear friends; they seem to speak to me in their secret tree language. Each pine tree has a unique shape and attitude that passers-by recognize like words on a page.
I have been a practicing artist for more than 20 years now, and have been part of numerous group shows. I have worked collaboratively with other artists on major projects such as DIRT, the Caddapan project.
Time spent in The Kimberley taught me about our connection to spirit in nature.
I reside on the beautiful Sunny Coast but my heart really fires up when I head west into the White Cypress Belt of central Queensland: that’s where I spent my childhood.

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