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Mal Shirone

Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane based naturalistic artist.
My work is driven by the magnificent beauty of landscapes, botanicals and all other living beings surrounded on earth. I work on a multi-medium capacity.

Artworks: 28

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About Mal Shirone

My work presented here are primarily based on nature and its attachment to everything around. I express moods and feelings by using prominent and lustrous colours which are very dear to me. Bright colours always attracts my attention because they offer the perfect colour combos and palettes to experiment and express.

I opt in to a “nomadic” life style to collect inspirations and story lines for my work. Every piece of art you see in here has a very personal touch to my life.

When it comes to my creative process I have a whole horizon open in-front. I expand my surfaces from paper, canvas to natural fabrics and recycle materials as bases. Then I use water soluble pigments, oils and natural plant based pigments for render.

I pour my heart in to every single work of my art irrespective of its scale, so they always feel like home and family to me. Please join me explore my world of colours and enjoy along the way!
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