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Maggie O Hara

North Queensland

Soul for your walls.

Birds, botanicals and butterflies are the inspiration for Maggie’s works.

This vibrant artwork is created digitally in Photoshop from layers of texture, watercolours, and photos to create this visually stimulating collection. A unique fusion of traditional watercolour and gesso on paper, and photographs of unlikely textures.

Artworks: 8

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About Maggie O Hara

Each piece is created digitally using mixed media, including watercolour splodges, gesso on paper, photographs of unlike textures such as old lace, newspapers, books, fabrics, bubble wrap, coffee stains, concrete cracks and anything else that could add drama and intrigue.

Layering the artwork creates mystery and something unexpected. The artwork is a combination of textures found in nature and also man-made objects. Maggie uses many of her own photos to create just the right background or texture.

Maggie incorporates symbols into her pieces, some obvious, some the viewer must search for. Her trademark butterflies represent her loved ones who have passed. The pieces that have a yellow butterfly symbolises a visit from her Dad while creating that piece. (A yellow butterfly visits her garden to let her know he is ok)

Some other symbols hidden in her compositions are hearts- love and kindness. Circles- wholeness, complete. Flowers- happiness, abundance and joy. Birds- freedom, wandering spirit. Mirror- the threshold between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

When the composition has mystery, colour balance, a bit of whimsy and evokes emotion, the piece is complete. The majority of Maggies pieces are a spilt complementary colour scheme.

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