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Lorissa Manners

Noosa Heads QLD

“Humanitarian Artist Lorissa Manners uses her brush to bring hope, promote justice and facilitate social change for those seeking freedom by upholding the dignity and resilience of the human experience.” Jeanette Dal Santo, QLD Australia CEO (Women Initiating New Directions Organisation (WINDO))


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About Lorissa Manners

Hi I’m Lorissa, a professional humanitarian artist and practitioner. 

I’m passionate about creating stunning artworks for the intelligent investor whose desire is to hold a piece of Australian art history in an expressive contemporary style. 

I aspire to create works that resonate with contemporary themes and social issues and that connect to our Australian values, telling stories that matter and carry a relevant message and a lasting legacy. 

My expressive landscapes take you deep into the breathtaking beauty of the Australian wetlands, beaches and bush. I feel a strong connection to the land and to the stories of those who walk through it. I hope you feel a sense of awe and freedom as you journey in, like entering a dream or impression that evokes emotion and a sense of mystery and wonder. 

I hope to awaken the conscious to aspirations of advocacy for those whose cause demands dignity and justice. My work tells the stories of refugee women/children who were detained on Nauru, these are part of my collection and traveling exhibition “Passage: Into the Heart of Resilience”. I also touch on subjects of trafficking and domestic violence and abuse together with stories from the Stolen Generation. 

When I first started travelling out into small rural communities in developing countries I quickly realised how different life is for some and how lucky and privileged life is for others. Seeing people walk miles to collect water which is ugly, unhealthy and carries diseases impacted me on a personal level. I saw children floating in stainless steel kitchen bowls to beg for money from tourists, and others finding food in dumps or sewing clothing tags together to make hammocks to sell. 

It lead me to study a Masters in International Development. What I didn’t realise was that many of the organisations that do the best work don’t have fabulous marketing campaigns or good branding and largely don’t know how to communicate the stories of the people they serve. 

I started to realise how significant it would be to start painting and using my privilege and education to advocate for social justice, to connect and give voice to the human stories within the landscape of our great Australian nation and beyond. 

This is how I became a social justice visual storyteller. So instead of just handing a few notes of cash to a begger sitting outside the expat store where I go to buy my aussie must-have’s like pasta and yogurt, I now see a much greater purpose through establishing collaborations, building partnerships and connecting investors through the arts. 

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