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Lorena Chivu


Lorena Chivu is an ocean and landscape admiring artist, who is currently making her home on the beautiful South Coast in Wollongong NSW.



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About Lorena Chivu

Lorena believes the possibilities of exploration through creative art allows the viewer to experience the human condition outside of the box, not defined but rather discovered anew. As such Lorena pushes and challenges herself, manipulating her views and subjects while exploring the essence of landscape, environment and coexistence.

Taking this principle into her creations, Lorena’s latest works focuses on the beautiful Australian seascapes with a semi-abstract interpretation seen from above as a bird eye view spectator and admirer. In her latest works, Lorena wants to invite the viewer to notice and discover the details of human connection with the ocean, to admire and recognise the so familiar surroundings and lose themselves in what could be a typical day at the beach but so unique, free and beautiful in every way.

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