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Lisa Gaudron

Newcastle, NSW

I am a Hunter Valley based artist working mainly in acrylic paint on canvas. I also like to work with textiles and yarn as well as pencil sketches. My style is colourful and realistic with an inspiration in the natural world. I do botanical and wildlife art, landscapes, portraits and commisions.

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About Lisa Gaudron

Based in Newcastle NSW, I am inspired by the natural world, particularly botanical subjects with my work often featuring landscapes, plants, animals and birds. The unguarded human face is also a major source of inspiration.

I have a detailed, realistic style and while I sometimes work from life, I use my own photographs as a starting point and references during the painting process. The photos are taken on my walks around the local area, as well as during regular trips in the Hunter Valley and further in NSW. Travel to other parts of Australia and the world is also an inspiration.

My art is often an expression of joy. That joy can be in the memory of a person or place, or in the surprising beauty of unexpected colours, contrasts and details.

Primarily however, my work is an exploration of colour and light. Colour is a major source of inspiration and focus in my work and I mix my all own colours from a basic palette. But colour is ultimately a property of light. Light illuminates and conceals, but it does much more, sharpening some surfaces and bringing out hidden textures while smoothing and softening others. Light distorts shapes with shadow and it distorts colour, making some colours more intense, others dull and obscuring some completely. Our perception of light makes certain details leap out and others fade into obscurity. Light affects our physical and mental health. It’s a vital part of being human and each of us reacts to it in unique ways. Exploring different ways to look at light, the effects that it produces and the way humans perceive those effects will dominate my art practice for some time to come.

Although I prefer to use photos that I take myself or work from life, I am happy to consider using clients’ photos for commissions. Please contact me for more details.

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