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Libby Dyer

Gold Coast

Award Winning Artist

Artist as seen on “THE BLOCK” 2019

Home Design Magazine


Expression and Passion of Fluidity and Intuition.


” Do what you love and love what you do”


Artworks: 57

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About Libby Dyer


Libby Dyer is an intuitive abstract artist with bold, striking colour segments, expressive, fluid compositions and energetic and passionate approach to her medium and themes. Her art channels many of her emotions and memories and moves from internal and personal to the external world of nature and the different parts and elements of it. “I am inspired by the sounds of nature, the ever changing and majestic views of oceans, landscapes and skies and my evolving connections with them. I am inspired by life, past experiences, what’s to come and my loving and supportive friends and family.”

“My creative impulses lead the way and try to follow my intuitive urges. My painting process allows my creativity to unfold naturally and I accept that whatever authentically emerges from me is meant to be.”

Libby’s art embraces a very positive, energetic and fluid art making process which is also evident in her medium of choice, alcohol ink. The medium possesses a spontaneous, unpredictable and sometimes even uncontrollable element. This is Libby’s passion, her release and herself raw.



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