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Laura Thomas


Melbourne based artist born and studied art in the UK . I paint still life and landscapes currently exploring various compositions of domestic scenes that celebrate everyday objects.

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About Laura Thomas

Hi! I’m a still life artist with a slight obsession for ‘things’ and admit that 50% of my homewares serve no purpose other than to bring aesthetic joy!

I have always loved exploring the world of art and its many forms of process, style and context. Art and creativity has been a focal narrative for me from the early days in England at art school, right through to travels and my career. It took many years for me to define my ‘niche’ in style which is described as textured, colourful and an abstract take on what I see.

My current process looks at celebrating everyday objects and still life compositions by incorporating vibrant colour and negative space.

Studying Fine Art and years of practice has been important for my development, to understand how to push my paintings in ways to create ambiguity and I take inspiration from Matisse, Kandinsky and Cezanne to name a few.

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