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Lara Accarias


I paint large scale abstracts that range from colourful and bold, to elegant monochromes. Movement and light play a big role in how the artworks can appear to change as you move through a room.

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About Lara Accarias

I love to paint large abstracts with beautiful, intricate details. I started to pursue art a few years ago as a way of escaping the chaos that was going on in my life at the time. I unconsciously gravitated towards controlling the chaos in my process, and kept making the process more and more time consuming. I still love to get lost for an entire day in gorgeous colours and hypnotic movement. I truly adore the process of these artworks. I use a tremendous amount of paint that I pour onto the canvas. It is fast, slow, insanely messy, but also needs to be structured and precise. I am either pouring, staring intently at slow moving paint to alter the angles, or running around the table trying to control the chaos. Making a mess in my studio, tossing paint around without caring if it lands on the floor, or streaks down the walls gives me a sense of freedom and rebellion. If you step into my studio you will leave with paint on you!
The different paint consistencies and timing of layers I use are to produce details that change in varying lights. Gravity and angles are used to create fracturing and movement, resulting in gorgeous details. I love how the colours change and the images can appear almost reversed when reflecting the glow from a candle, or sunlight shining through a window. These artworks can add mood to a room, a light and colourful burst, or a dark and intense romance.
Movement and light are the keys to seeing something new and beautiful every time.

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