Kurt Black

Peregian Beach, QLD

My works, through the eye of abstraction, attempt to capture the essence of the natural environment through thought and construction, and then the non-form, non-thought and deconstruction in action. The meaning of each work is metaphysical, symbolic and often iconic. I have been a finalist in a number of Australian Art Awards and have private collectors in Germany and UK. I have many collectors in Australia and a public sale to Armadale Council in Western Australia.

Artworks: 70

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About Kurt Black

I paint outside in the bushland behind my house and work in rain or shine using the climate of the day to determine what media to work with. I feel connected to the natural environment and employ flexibility in relation to present conditions in terms of approach to imagery. The process is sometimes a battle where I have to resist the rigidity of the rules. Horizons dip, straight lines droop, and shapes fall away. I am an abstractionist. My imagery is both an emotional and cerebral reaction and connection to place, and to mystery, and to spirit. At times iconic, each painting is the product of construction and deconstruction both literally and metaphorically. There are times that I build up a surface and tear it down, leaving a scarred surface. Mostly, I work with oil, enamel and synthetic polymer paint on wood panel; I like to mix the paint types to create tension in the surface as well as combine glossy and matt surfaces.
My work has strong relationships with the coastal and, at times, hinterland landscapes, through the eye of an abstractionist artist. I don’t particularly like the term ‘stream of consciousness’, but it expresses something close to how I engage in my art practice. A certain vacancy has to be present.

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