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Krysten Taprell

Rural NSW

An Artist, Psychologist, Blogger and Author/illustrator of a children’s picture book. Although wearing many hats I am happiest when I am able to capture the light in illuminating landscapes

Artworks: 6

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About Krysten Taprell

Recently I have been experimenting with Open Impressionistic styles of painting. This style is characterized by wide brush strokes applied without layering and intense, vivid colour. the colours are vibrant, premixed and un-mudded. The thick brush strokes are left to exist as they are placed, which preserves every tiny ridge in the paint left by the brush. This medley of texture pulls the eye along in an ever moving dance within the landscape.

I am fascinated by how light and shade can change a landscape. I constantly try to develop my style to capture the intensity of a sunset or the calm of a shadow on a hill. Vibrant colour serves to evoke emotion and demand attention.

I have exhibited works in the South Coast, Newcastle and Riverina of NSW. Many of my works have been sold through these exhibitions or through private commissions

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