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Kress Lagudi


My abstract paintings are an exploration of colour, pattern and texture informed by nature to create harmonious artworks.

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About Kress Lagudi

Kress is a Visual Artist living and working in Camden, Sydney.
At High School Kress loved textiles, she learnt about art and design through fabric, dying, stitching, felting and more. From there she was accepted into The ANU’s Visual Art School Majoring in Textiles (2007) here she learnt about art and art history and how to think critically about her work. In 2010 she completed her Diploma of Education at Wollongong University and from 2011 -2015 she taught in High Schools across the Macarthur and Southern Highlands. While teaching she started learning about all art practices and it was here that she began to draw and paint. Now as a mother she works from home in her studio in Central Camden, not only playing with her children but refining her painting practice, with the hope that one day when she has time both her textiles and painting practices will marry together in some beautiful way.

Kress’ abstract works are an exploration of colour, texture and pattern, creating artworks which are bold but harmonious.
She is inspired by nature, not only the natural world around her but human nature and she loves reading philosophy and psychology books. When she is not painting, she spends time with her young family outdoors, together they garden; amongst other things. The process of planting, nurturing, patience and growth has become a philosophy for her life and her artwork.

‘I am currently working on developing colours and textures letting the paint and brushes guide me like they have a life of their own. I sometimes like to apply paint thickly with a spatula and scrape the gooey paint along the surface to create texture but other times I use a very smooth brush with lots of thinner to create flat surfaces. I guess I treat the canvas like a textile artist treats a surface of a print design.’ 2019

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