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Kit Chambers

Sellicks Beach, South Australia

Tone is stronger than temperature in the game of creating the illusion space.

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About Kit Chambers

Except for a couple of stints as Creative Artist working for the South Australian government’s Department for Special Events, I have been working in my studio at Sellicks Beach, South Australia for the past 30 odd years. In the early morning when the air is still, I can hear the sea and can catch glimpses of it from my studio window despite an ever-encroaching suburbia.

Before that, I did a 4-year degree in Visual Art at the South Australian School of Art.

Before that, I air brushed murals on surf boards, motor bike tanks, custom vans, speed boats and prime movers.

Before that, I did a very short stretch of factory work.

Before that, I worked as an assistant illustrator in the illustration studio of the Australian Department of Defence where I learned to draw a straight line. I quit after four years for obvious reasons.

Before that, I started as a junior in the display department of a department store where, after a couple of years, I was fired because I did not have the right attitude.

I have a real weakness for American muscle cars; my pride and joy is a 500hp red Corvette.

In my dreams, I see myself as a Modernist. I try not to be disheartened by the fact that I was born a century too late into an era that has wholeheartedly adopted the Postmodern cry that ‘the author is dead.’ The author is not dead and I’m here to prove it.

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