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Kathryn Lewis

American River, Kangaroo Island, SA

Kathryn is an artist living in American River on Kangaroo Island. Her work is typically neo-expressionistic.
In the 80’s, she studied marine science at UQ and worked on the Great Barrier Reef earning an income as a taxonomical artist to support her degree.
Quals: BS Zoology, GradDipEd, MEd Multimedia, MHE.

Artworks: 35

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About Kathryn Lewis

Kathryn started her journey as a field biologist in Idaho, gaining a BS in Biology,
where she traveled to many parts of the North and South American studying geology and ecology of different biomes.
In the 70’s, Kathryn’s work filled into marine life, where she worked and studied at
the University of Queensland and Heron Island as a taxonomist. In those days,
her drawings where done by hand with the old radiograph pens and endless journals.

She gained further insight of the natural world from those around her including Ron and
Val Taylor as well as the taxonomic keys of Emperor Hirohito, who worked on the classification of Paguridae, or the hermit crab. Kathryn also worked on the classification of paguridae of the east coast of Australia.
In later years, Kathryn worked as a teacher in the primary years, lecture as well as a
Biology/Chemistry teacher. She lives on Kangaroo Island and plenair paints the natural landscape
as an environmental artist.

She works as a volunteer for BirdLife Australia and collects data on beach laying birds.

BS, GradDip Ed, MHE, MEd, IT & Training

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