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Kathleen Rhee

Gold Coast

Full-time Contemporary Artist
Featured Artist ‘The Block’ 2019
Lover of Light Form Colour & Texture
Deeply influenced by Mother Earths Treasures


Held in private collections in:
South America

Artworks: 101

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About Kathleen Rhee

Art comes naturally to me, I have to paint! The urge to paint and create never leaves me.  I don’t know how I could do anything else even if I tried.  The love of art was instilled in me as a child. Growing up I was exposed to my fathers design and illustration work. I was extremely lucky to then go onto study art in one of the worlds most prestigious art schools, Parsons School of Design New York.

Painting is definitely expressing my true nature. One of my main inspirations comes from my deep connection to mother nature, it brings me peace and tranquillity that is always present and driving my work. I mostly paint with acrylic on canvas and paper. My process is a combination of colour staining, sketching, painting with a with a brush and then applying water to soften, blend, layer and splatter. Sometimes it happens immediately, or sometimes it takes a few layers before I feel the work is done. I like both results, a one layer process has a very crisp special quality but the layered work has texture, a feel of age and history.

My work aspires to bring the energy of nature inside into our homes, and bring calm and peace to peoples lives. The world can be a hard, stressful place and our surroundings can make a difference. We spend so much of our time indoors I believe having art we love to look at and have a connection to can make a big difference, influencing our mood and bring happiness and joy to us everyday. 

MOMA: The Museum of Modern Art
2020 Postwar Abstract Painting Coursera Certificate
Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy Melbourne
2020  Healing Artist Block
MARI Mandala, Seattle USA
2011  Art Therapy Model: Mandala Assessment Research Instrument Certification Levels 1&2
Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy Melbourne
2007 – 2009  Initiatic Art Therapy Certificate
Australian National University School of Art
2003 – 2005  Observation & Expression in Drawing, Portrait & Figure Painting
Parsons School of Design New York 
1995 – 1998 Graphic Design & Advertising
Brisbane Institute of Art
1990 – 1992  Art History and Drawing 

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