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Katherine Wood

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Professional artist of 20 years and creator of all things beautiful. Large expressionistic landscapes, seascapes and figures.

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About Katherine Wood

Katherine Wood – “My art is not about reproducing reality; but capturing the energy
that creates it.”
Katherine’s original artworks, like nature, have the ability to evoke deep emotions from
within. The energy and light captured by her artworks are constantly changing – almost
along with nature. And just like the elements, even when the work is ‘finished’, they go
on changing according to the state of mind or even the mood of the viewer. As the eye
follows through the painting, there is a sense of imminent energy and exciting tension
which allows ones own imagination the freedom to play.
Katherine’s canvases are a battleground of manipulated and scraped textures that reflect a
powerful energy with paint. The landscapes are abstracts of her imagination that are
representative of no specific time frame, place or reality but rather a general energy or
spirit of place and time.
And so the quote by Thomas Hardy reiterates, “I don’t want to see the original realities –
as ‘optical effects’ that is. I want to see the deeper reality underlying the scenic, the
expression of what are sometimes called abstract imaginings”. This encompasses
Katherine’s work and defines what she strives to achieve.
The defiant tree or figure, a symbol of hope upon the horizon with the sheer scale against
the sky symbolising our relative existence and insignificance as mankind.
Through Katherine’s artworks, one is able to appreciate that life is a continuous animated
existence, it is an enthusiasm for consciousness and a reassurance that hope does exist.
Having studied Fine Art at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, Katherine studied paint
techniques in both Scotland and Australia in 1999 and 2000 and moved back to South
Africa to paint professionally. In 2004 she and her husband opened her first signature gallery, Katherine Wood Fine Art in the coastal town of Knysna. In Dec 2012, Katherine and her family moved permanently to Queensland, Australia where she continues to paint
professionally. She opened her second signature gallery in Montville on the Sunshine Coast in 2018 whilst also supplying her agents worldwide.

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