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User 18595 Katherine Whelan 2020 08 01 T 13 48 03 393 Z Make It Pop Art Artist Katherine Whelan Kw Square Blue Scaled 300x300 Acf Cropped

Katherine Whelan

Sydney, Australia

Katherine is influenced by her passion to express how we ‘feel’, rather than what we ‘do’.  Drawing on her PhD in behaviour and love of art; she interrogates popular attitudes and expresses these through imagery and titles of her work. Always limited edition One of 2 or One of 22.

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About Katherine Whelan

Katherine Whelan’s (KW) art is influenced by her passion to express how we ‘feel’, rather than what we ‘do’.  Katherine believes that how we react ‘emotionally’ to the world around us, compared to how we ‘act’, represents more honestly our mindset and the future of our society. Drawing on her PhD and expertise in human behaviour, Katherine interrogates popular human emotions/attitudes and expresses these through the imagery and title of her artworks. She carefully selects subject matter and by hand edits features; applies colours and textures that suit the context; all while deliberately breaking some traditional Pop art rules and techniques. Her creations are driven by her personal interpretation of the ‘the mood of the people’. Katherine only produces limited edition artwork, One of 22 by KW or One of 2 by KW; because meaningful art, like the expression of one’s true feelings, is often rare.

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