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Katerina Apale

Ettalong Beach

Australian nature never stops inspiring and surprising me. I see its decorative potential and aim to capture it through the use of bold colours and patterns. Expressive brushstrokes and bright hues help me to represent nature in new ways and depict the joy that I feel when encountering it.

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About Katerina Apale

I was born and raised in Latvia. Drawing always was and always will be a big and very important part of my life. This is why, when I finished school, I became a student in the Latvian Academy of Arts. During my education, I studied in Germany and Norway. After successfully finishing my studies I began to teach in the Academy. In 2014, my family and I came to Australia. Painting became my everyday practice, my source of energy, my dialogue with the world, my research of my own inner world and my meeting with the fairy-tale that is Australia, a unique and magical country that became a second home for my family and I. I’m very happy that people like my bright, positive artworks, filled with light and energy! I was told many times, that the artworks I paint radiate joy and help, at least for a small time, to drop the load of their everyday routine. After all, an artist doesn’t draw what they see, but what they feel. I want for people to look at my artworks and feel the same thing that I do- freedom, happiness, joy and always believing in something good.

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