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Kate Owen

North Star NSW

I’m Kate Owen, I am an abstract artist living in Northern NSW. Married to a farmer, mother of boys and perpetual entrepreneur sharing my creative soul on the canvas.


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Kate Owen – Artist Statement

Painting gives me freedom from daily routines and expectations, allowing me to express myself through colour and liberate the jumble of constant ideas clamouring for attention in my mind. Abstraction is a form of rebelling against my perfectionist nature. It provides challenges but also great satisfaction and mental relief.

I grew up on a property in northern NSW but have lived and worked in cities and overseas, eventually coming back to the country to marry my farmer and raise our two boys. I love the space living rurally allows me both mentally and physically. My studio is a purpose built oasis of peace and positivity. A sanctuary, where I can scribble and splash my emotions and impressions of memories onto paper and canvas.

I have always felt compelled to create and have tried my hand at many things, but I was always looking forward to a time where I could paint exclusively. Influences from my time as a fashion designer and home-wares business come through in the colour palettes I choose to work with.

The work I create comes through my subconscious from a love of the unique space around me, and a desire to share this. It’s important to me that the work lifts and heightens people’s mood and experience of the world around them. I tend towards colourful loose interpretations of landscapes and florals that provide a sensory experience. The outcome is never apparent from the start, the painting takes on a life of it’s own as I work and dictates a certain path.

I use acrylics in order to work quickly and intuitively. I am continually excited by colour combinations and am fascinated with line using graphite, pencil and oilstick or scratching back through layers of paint to add dimension. Collage is a favourite, which I find incredibly therapeutic and it satisfies my need to arrange forms for a visually pleasing asthetic.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life – Pablo Picasso


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