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Kate Barry


Kate Barry is a Christchurch-born, Brisbane-based painter who has exhibited throughout Australia and New Zealand and also sells privately and by commission.

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About Kate Barry

Kate has a multitude of recognitions and awards in her repertoire and she has been a finalist in the Milburn Art Prize, Clayton Utz Art Awards, Brisbane Art Awards, Contemporary Art Awards and Lethbridge 10,000 and 20,000 Small Scale Art Awards amongst others. Her work is stocked at The Modern Furniture Store in Brisbane and she has also been featured in Queensland Homes Magazine and the ABC Television Series’ Harrow and The End.

Immersing herself in the visceral stimulus and raw materiality of paint, Kate’s works are an intuitive and almost primitive, spontaneous response to our natural surroundings and sensory internal dialogue. Works explore traces of nostalgia and the innate emotional re-engagement with the energy of nature. Kate’s practice emphasises free, spontaneous mark-making techniques and a killer colour palette that nods to her background in design. Intuitive and unstudied application of paint breaks through the periphery into a raw terrain of bold brushwork and also expresses a kind of quiet reflection that allows us to take in the subtleties and expressive qualities of intimacy and mystery. While the emphasis is still gestural — and with dynamic compositional drama, Kate’s ability to tie lyricism and beauty to gestural mark-making, consistently proves the artist’s ability to reflect, articulate, and capture an expression.

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