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Kat Schmitt

Adelaide, South Australia

Kat is an Emerging Australian artist working from her seaside art studio in Adelaide. Her artworks are held in private collections locally, nationally and internationally.

Artworks: 11

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About Kat Schmitt

Born in the Czech Republic her love for creating art began when she arrived in Australia with her family at the age of 8. At school she would fill up her school books with cartoon characters, abstract blooms and patterns to pass the time. In art classes she explored different painting techniques and mediums.

Her mum gave her a set of palette knives for her birthday and encouraged her to try something new in July 2018. She loves the versatility, thickness, non-toxic odour of acrylic paint that allows her to add various mediums to create devilishly creamy textures.

Kat draws inspiration on personal experiences with the natural environment by exploring local botanical gardens, walking trails at national parks and encounters with cockatoos. Her botanicals are inspired by romance and beautiful bouquets. She keeps a sketch book of her drawings, magazine photos and interior trends and uses these to compose her paintings.

Her creative process during composition of a painting is quite intuitive. She uses both visible brush stokes and a range of palette knifes to create her subject. The depth of texture in her work creates the illusion of the artwork lifting off the canvas. While painting she keeps connected to memories of the original experiences that inspired her. She works as a Social Worker in health and refers to her painting process as her ‘creative mindfulness’.

Kat admires many artists but the artists that inspire her include Antoly Metlan, Leonid Afremov and Daniel Wall to name a few.

Each painting is a little piece of Kat therefore finishing touches are very important to her. All of her paintings are created with high quality materials, edges painted neatly and sealed with quality varnish.

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