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Gold Goast, Queensland.

Karin Black is a Contemporay Artist who lives and works in Queensland, Australia. Karin has exhibited and sold across New Zealand and the Gold Coast, Australia.

Having worked alongside an array of interior desigers has ensured that she maintains a diverse and vibrant perspective with her colours and textures.

Karins holistic appraoch extends to a percentage of her sold work going to charity. She believes that part of being a person is about helping others.

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I love the freedom of Contemporary Art; I feel my paintings are uninhibited and boundless. Having lived in the country exposure to light, form, flora and fauna has produced a respectful understanding of the importance and brillance each componet can bring to my work.

Over the last 28 years I have used an assortment of media. Acrylic is my primary medium at the moment, however, I will use whatever media I have on hand to produce the desired effect that I am after. Each brush stroke challenges the previous and, acrylic is pitted against subject matter to create deliberate tension and intensity. I find painting in layers gives additional depth, tantalising with the existing colour.

I paint because it feels wonderful and excites me. My wish is for others to experience the same positiveness when viewing my work.
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