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Jules Baldwin

Mordialloc VIC

A painting does not feel like it is mine until the struggle is obvious, the texture is tangible and the layers reveal some of what has passed and conceal that which enhances the surface.

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About Jules Baldwin

Born in the UK, Jules background is Interior Design and it was whilst studying in 1998 Jules began researching Fine Art during an assignment on paint effects, her interest was illuminated and was reignited post study.

Predominately self taught, Jules has experimented extensively with mixed media and worked alongside a revered Artist who became her mentor and was the reason she decided to take her practise more seriously back in 2005. Jules has exhibited widely within Australia and has had solo, group and joint exhibitions since 2005. Jules Art resides in many locations within Australia and overseas.

Artist statement

The fact that I was surrounded by all the complexities and beauty of nature on my travels has forever changed my perception with respect to observation and how I express myself in visual terms. Fragility, spontaneity and line inform my work with the constant need to reveal that which cannot be seen, the space between abstract and form is my obsession and I continue to challenge myself within my Art practise daily.

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