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John Giese

Northern Rivers NSW AUSTRALIA

1954 Born in Maclean NSW, Australia. Lives and practices in North Rivers, NSW, Australia. Supplying galleries for over 15 years and exhibiting in over 33 shows nationally.
The making of art is a reflection of the ever deepening fascination with our common yet often overlooked felt presence or awareness.
Each painting is a direct and engaging meditation on that which is unnameable yet effortlessly present always.

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About John Giese

The symbols of Wild Dogs, Bulls and Horses are examples of primal power or presence which trigger deep memories and experiences in us all.
These paintings are direct and engage the viewer.
They are decorative, individual, sacred and possess a physical confidence. The works address issues of freedom and presence. My compositions are designed to create tension and rhythm. Gradually enticing life, light and movement into the work; endeavouring to keep the work open and spontaneous as long as possible.
Colour schemes have a symbolic language, Earth tones represent the elements while the primaries and their varied tones represent light and its spectrum.
A mixture of surface finishes and linear marks create a variety of visual stimulation. The formal qualities I use aim to effect the viewer; so they feel they are in the presence of something living, aware, authentic and very rare.
All works for sale, commissions welcome.

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