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As an abstract Artist and Reiki Master, my passion is to create from nothing. No preconceived ideas, references or plan of composition — I let myself be guided by the energy within.
I create imagery that is scenic, calming, atmospheric and ethereal, taking the viewer into the painting to experience something transcendent and mystical.
Clouds, nebulae, water, mysterious landscapes and the exalting glow of light are common themes in my works.  
My goal is to capture the imagination of the viewer and provide a moment of serenity — to pause, reflect, re-balance and energise.

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About Jo Carroll

Jo Carroll is an abstract artist whose work can be described as calming, meditative, elegant and contemporary. She comes from a diverse background with a successful career in global advertising agencies, as well as running her own businesses. At the age of seven, Jo decided that she would become an artist before being persuaded by her parents to instead pursue something more practical. 35 years later, she has returned to her first love – painting.

In late 2016, Jo decided to get serious about painting, she focused her energy on creating pieces for her first solo exhibition named Reflections. “Like most of my work, the collection featured elements of water and nature. It feels very spiritual.”

At this time, Jo was still working full time while raising her two children, so she painted every night once they were both in bed. It was hard work, but she found her background in advertising and marketing strategy to be invaluable in fast tracking her relatively short career as an artist. This also opened up various doors, like the opportunity to exhibit regularly alongside other popular abstract artists.

Jo has found her series of blue paintings to be the most popular with her audience. “There’s something special about the colour blue. It represents peace as well as healing and creativity. Deep blue or indigo in particular is excellent for meditation. The colour represents a high level of spirituality, integrity and deep sincerity.”

She believes these ‘deep feelings’ are one of the many reasons her art attracts plenty of attention. The paintings can be viewed in a deep and complex manner. “People see all sorts of things within my art. This is usually something that is special to each individual,” explains Jo. “Whilst my creations share certain elements as part of a body of work, each piece is unique. I’m telling a new story every time I paint one.”

“I would describe myself as an Abstract Expressionist,” says Jo. “That’s due to the randomness and spontaneity of my work. However, at times my art borders on Impressionism. My paintings are rarely planned or created with conscious effort. I love the freedom of starting from nothing and turning it into a creation that leaves a powerful impression on the viewer.”

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