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Jasmine Jones


Jasmine’s favoured medium is ink on paper. Ink is bold, foreboding, commanding and completely unapologetic. A single slip of a pen and an otherwise perfect artwork is ruined – you get one shot…

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About Jasmine Jones

The often opaque and seemingly empty themes in Jasmine’s work highlights her general contempt for the art world necessitating that artworks have deep and meaningful subjectivity that must, therefore, be projected onto the viewer. Instead, she creates artworks that serve no greater ethereal purpose than to look fabulous and please those standing in front of them. They are commanding, bold, hyper-realistic, dark, intricate and don’t strive to force their own meaning upon the viewer, more so, they strive to allow the viewer to extrapolate their own meaning – to see their own desires, attitudes and needs reflected in themselves. To put this simply (i.e. no artspeak) they are little more than pretty objects of desire with no meaning… but they look good. You will not see her explaining what each piece represents as she believes this should be the viewers job. Each person should see what they need to see and not be told otherwise.

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