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Jane Hoggard

Northern NSW

Prolific: allows for stacks of experimentation!

Experimental: trialing different mediums frequently, layering, simplifying

Learning: all the time

Artworks: 103

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About Jane Hoggard

Experimentation, working in the studio, plain air and late night drawing sessions – sketchpad usually tucked in a bag – artist Jane Hoggard works in short, concentrated bursts when life permits!

Jane’s ‘go-to’ will always be a simple continuous line drawing as it is practical and maintainable. Jane is practicing simplification of form and palette in her work. This means practicing restraint and stepping back from making work and moving her energy to a new piece.

These days Jane accepts the diverse aspects of her working methods, embracing versatility of subject matter and medium. She’s chooses to “play” with everything from oils to charcoal when making art. To Jane, there is no ‘bad’ practice, turning up and practicing is the very key.

Jane relishes the problem solving aspect of making art in her own practice and in the school workshops she runs. Her garage studio has large boxes of ‘grounds’ that won’t be wasted, rather reworked, cut up or bumped together with other work.

…. “A wise teacher recently told me, Play in the studio, judge your work later… permission to play and that’s definitely the attitude I m trying to employ”.

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