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James Dale


I am an abstract landscape artist, I build my compositions primarily buy taking prominent structures and landmarks from the built environment around us.

Please feel free to contact myself in regards to commissioning an artwork based on an area or objects of importance to yourself or a loved one.

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About James Dale

James Dale’s artwork creates a lattice of memories of the objects and places from his day to day surroundings. His unique compositions highlight the structures, shapes and detail of familiar and often forgotten objects.

James Dale graduated from UNSW College of Fine Arts in 2009 and took up further studies in Graphic Design at Shillington College. He has held 4 solo exhibitions at Gallery Eight, Millers Point and continues to build his portfolio of paintings and illustrations.

Drawn by the details of places he visits on a daily basis, he uses photographs from his phone and images from memory to create his artwork. “I have a interest in land marks and objects that I encounter, I like to extract them from their surroundings and paint them by themselves. My compositions are slowly built up by these objects, the works are visual collections of memories as you move through your day”

His preferred medium is graphite and acrylic on wood, “I have always preferred wood as you can treat it harshly. I scratch and sand back into my work to create varied tones and textures”

James Dale is a Sydney based artist with a studio based in the Northern beaches.

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