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Jacek Gonsalves

Western Australia

Jacek Gonsalves is a Perth artist that loves the beauty in nature. He works on a photographic process called cyanotype invented in 1842.

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About Jacek Gonsalves

Jacek was born in Kuwait and moved to Perth Western Australia in his early teens.
His artwork is all handmade on watercolour paper, using an alternative photographic technique called cyanotype.
You may remember blueprints of technical drawnings and plans used by engineers, this is the exact same process.
The simple process produces a continuous tone image of Prussian blue exposed by UV light when using a sensitising solution. There are many variable factors that effect how a cyanotype print turns out, it can be a great challenge to reproduce the same result time after time. Variables such as humidty, temperature, the way one brushes the emulsion and even the the mood on the day can affect the print!
Each print take a week to fully complete.
Australia has a diversity of beautiful flora, I hope I provide the justice they deserve in my artwork.

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