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Ikuko Maddox


I am currently working on 4 different themes which are of animal portraits, humor, frog series and Egyptian Meow(Mau) series.
My main medium is watercolor on paper.

Artworks: 34

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About Ikuko Maddox

Iko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She has been immersed in several different
cultures through her travels and the years she spent living overseas. She spent 10 years in the middle east and is now situated in Australia.

She likes to borrow cultures from all around the world and also include her personal experiences living internationally into her art. She also enjoys capturing aspects of daily life to illustrate the significance of living in the moment.

Overall, her art works are mainly inspired by wildlife as she believes that each animal has their own unique character and beauty. She expresses this through her surreal and humorous art style.

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