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Helen Duley

Lower Beechmont, Queensland

I grew up in remote East Gippsland swamplands. My father, a Snowy Mountain drover, helped me appreciate the Australian bushland. In London, I exhibited, and taught Experimental drawing.

Now back in Australia, my unique and exquisite mixed-media artworks pay homage to our uniquely Australian creatures, as soft, saturated visual delights.

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About Helen Duley

I grew up in the East Gippsland swamplands that once surrounded my ramshackle wooden childhood home. My father, a Snowy Mountain drover, descended from both Scottish and American Indian ancestors, opened my eyes to the bushland. Sometimes under the full moon, I would sneak out to explore the night’s mystery of shy native animals, glowing stars, and dark trees.

Later, I lived 17 years in London. I exhibited my art, and taught adult ‘Experimental drawing’ in prestigious Morley College, which knew such illustrious teachers as Maggi Hambling and Virginia Woolf. I enjoyed London, exploring its cultural wonders, winning prizes in European art contests, however I became homesick for the gold and blue Australian bushland.

Now long-returned to Australia, I live in in rainforest of the Gold Coast hinterland, creating my mixed-media drawings on watercolour paper, portraying our beautiful Wildlife in contemporary styles, seeking the magic of childhood moonlit nights. Each artwork is a homage to a uniquely Australian creature, lovingly created with pen and ink layers, then watercolours, and lastly from many layers of lightfast coloured pencils.

These uniquely exquisite artworks are slowly built up over long periods of concentrated creativity, to achieve a soft, saturated sheen of visual delight.

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