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Heidi Savage

Birkdale QLD

No painting is without challenges, I dare not throw a layer of paint on the canvas and say its complete!
Even when I love the spontaneous effect of that first layer.
The canvas deserves my intention and attention.

Artworks: 16

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About Heidi Savage

1989 Dreams & Discoveries Kenmore Gallery
1995 10 year Anniversary Exhibition Kenmore Gallery
1995 Paintings from North America & Bali Kenmore Gallery
1998 Paintings from Italy & Portugal Kenmore Gallery
2001 Paintings from Central America
2002 Group Exhibition Milton Gallery MacKay
2013 Seer & Scenery Percolator Gallery Paddington
Heidi Savage Cert.App.Art; Cert.Dec.Art&Design;Dip.FA Painter, Print maker, Photographer
Born of North Frisian and Scottish parents in Yorkshire England, Heidi immigrated to Australia in the 1970’s.
Her verdant childhood in England, Germany and South East Asia combined with the raw world of Brisbane in the 70’s and 80’s are all contributing factors in her work to date.
Heidi went onto professional training and graduated in Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art during its evolving years under Alan Warren’s directorship at Seven Hills.
Since graduating Heidi has worked in the industry variously as an exhibiting artist and curator but it is in her extensive overseas sojourns to Europe, North and Central America and New Zealand that she has arrived at a source of inspiration that breathes and inhabits her work with a visceral silk which speaks of a soulful landscape reminiscent of the works of Chagall and Ryder with a nod to Caspar David Friedrich.
What has become most evident in the later period of her work is the change in palette; gone are the vibrant and severe colour combinations of her Navajo series and the somnambulist stroke of her Tuscan exhibition.
What came was the more monochromatic gradation of tone.
In New Zealand she explored light and dark with a simplification of form and an affinity with the unique ruggedness and vitality of the coast. To date much of her early symbolism still remains and provides a link between the sacred and the earthly so that we see an arc of a life well traveled and receptively informed by its traverse.
Heidi’s new works have intentionally become more abstract, the need to simplify life is translated first and foremost in her work.
She continues to draw upon a range of life experiences and emotions; the inner landscape and the outward solitude that she thrives for and experience when she is amongst nature. Lots of off road camping adventures allow s her to immerse her self in the landscape. The painting process remains the same, by taking in the mood and atmosphere, sounds and palette of a place is what guides her inner journey.
Her work embraces a coming together with oneself, a beautiful salute to hope and celebration, a palette that the colours of South East Queensland bleed from on a moonlit night.

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