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Hayley Kruger

Perth, Western Australia

I’m an emerging acrylic artist in Perth, Western Australia with a great love for all things botanical. <br>Inspired by the strength and architectural form of native Australian plants, I paint with bold colours and shapes, grappling with the enjoyable challenge of capturing light on form.<br>My work is an honest, emotional response to the beauty I see in the natural world. My paintings make me happy and I want to share that joy with others. <br>

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About Hayley Kruger

Growing up in South Africa, I was enveloped in the richness of diverse heritage and magnificent form in the wonders of nature. Even in my earliest memories, I marvelled at the joy that colour brings. I remember sitting curled up on my bed with pots of paint and pencils wanting to re-envision the beauty that surrounded me.

I started out as a graphic designer. Life was fast paced, busy and pressured. Becoming a mum and leaving my homeland for the Australian life, I realised that my focus had shifted and I needed something to nurture my soul. I sought a larger play space to explore colour and form in paint to express more about myself and the joy of creativity.
Transforming into an artist has been the perfect balance to being a busy mum. I recognise that both roles are about giving and nurturing. My art fills my soul so that I can give to others.

Painting the botanical world has, like perfume, had all the allure to draw me in, and to satisfy me on a deep and a sensual level in my work. The challenges of painting from capturing light on form, and deepening my relationship with colour, pull me back to my easel regularly.

Now that my life is settled in Perth with my husband and two children it’s the perfect time for me to transition into full time artist.

Becoming a selling artist is a dream come true because I get to share my inspiration with others and I am gradually making a living from it.

Thank you for supporting my dream.

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