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I believe art is relatable, reachable and enjoyable. Welcome to the colourful world of my floral series. I am artist HSIN LIN, an artist obsessed with the beauty and the form of flowers. Most of my inspiration comes from my observation of the natural world.

I am very lucky. A short walk from the studio takes me into a beautiful forest and it’s there that I can touch the texture of the tree bark, observe the colours of the current season and feel the sunlight reflecting on the trees and grasses. I often find myself collecting leaves, feathers and other wonderful gifts from nature that have fallen to the ground. I love to observe these in great detail and reflect their beauty into my paintings.

I find acrylic is the perfect medium to interpret my intense passion for the subjects I depict, loving the vivid and opaque property of paint on canvas.

In my ongoing contemporary floral series, I use close observation to try to capture as much detail as possible. Through my paintings I see flowers as representing life, when I am carefully building up the tiny flower petals and leaf vines, it feels like trying to figure out the uncertainty in life. It is also a reminder that like the flowers in full bloom, this is our time to be alive. As life presents its self you can fight with all your will or you may dance with the flow, either way, a human life is unique, one of a kind and this journey belongs to you only.

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About H.Lin

HSIN completed both a Bachelor degree in finance at NCHU and a diploma in fashion at RMIT.

Prior to taking up painting, she launched her own personal fashion label as a chief designer and was active in numerous international exhibitions and TV shows in Taiwan.

She was determined to extend her expertise in visual art after her returning to the beloved city – Melbourne. Hsin Lin swapped the manipulation of fabric for the more enticing world of paint and canvas and has been creating art full-time ever since.

In both her on-going abstract and realistic series, Hsin Lin has devoted herself to bringing the beauty and serenity that she feels when depicting floral subjects to those who view and collect her work.

Her artwork- Ready and Waiting – Dahlia – has been judged as the winner of National Mental Health Month Art Competition and is used to produce the official posters for National Mental Health Month 2019. To Be with You – Yellow Gum Blossoms was chosen and printed on 50,000 Eco-friendly cups distributed nationally in Australia on 2018; and another Artwork – Trust Me – Cadbury the Cat – was chosen and published on 10,000 postcards distributed nationally on 2017. Her full collection -The Voice of Nature- was also featured on Australia Artist’s Palette magazine on 2017.

Her Artworks are held in numerous private collections across Australia and internationally. Recent exhibitions include various local art shows and group exhibitions in Victorian Artists Society, The Hut Gallery and so on.



*Sept 2020 – 2nd Prize of National Mental Health Month Art Competition 2020. Artwork – Be your sunshine.

*Mar 2020 – Highly Commended award for the painting A LIFE TIME JOURNEY in The Victorian Artists Society George Hicks Foundation Contemporary Exhibition.

* September 2019 -Winner of National Mental Health Month Art Competition 2019.

* April 2019 – 2nd Prize in Acrylic for the painting A LIFE TIME JOURNEY in The Hut Gallery Annual Exhibition.

*March 2019 – Runner Up in Hydrocryl #floralart competition.

*Jan 2019 – Finalists in 2019 Art Lovers Prize for artwork – A Life Time Blessing.

*Nov 2018 – 2nd prize in Mont Marte #icanmauveit challenge for artwork – PEONY IN MAUVE

* Oct 2018 – Commended Acrylic for the painting FLAMBOYANCE on The Hut Gallery Allen & Peg Lowe Annual Award


* April 2018 – Highly Commended Acrylic for the painting POISE AND PRIDE in The Hut Gallery Open Award Exhibition.

* Sept 2017 -Highly Commended Oil and Acrylic for the painting Splendid-Tuberose Begonia in Box Hill Art Group Annual Exhibition.

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