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Grace Bailey

Melbourne, Victoria

I paint birds and animals as metaphors for the human condition. They each represent elements of personality such as strength and beauty.

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About Grace Bailey

Once upon a time I was a watercolour painter for the sheer love of it. I adored how watercolour takes it’s own path if you let it! Mix pigment with water and it flows and not always how you expect…..

Then I went off to uni and got a Masters in realist oil portraiture. Despite moving to oils, I used the watercolour technique of loads of medium (turps) and let the paint take it’s own way!

Years later I discovered the immediacy of acrylics! They dry so quickly….

And then I began painting live. A lot. In front of an audience with a limited time span.

Hundreds of times…..

Which meant make it quick, baby! It developed my style into a much quicker application than ever before, creating a wonderful looseness and life.

As an artist, It felt like a coming of age of style after so many years painting realistically.

How it works is this; I use large brushes, loads of water and let the pigment take it’s own path, up to a point. But I still use the realist focus on eyes that I picked up at uni to ground the works, whether they are people portraits or bird and animal portraits. (My bird paintings are portraits of a personality trait that people have)…..

The artsy language defines that as….. metaphors for the human condition…..
With lockdown and more time at home, my style has once again been drawn back to more realism.

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