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Giovanna Mazzella

Hobart, Tasmania

Giovanna Mazzella is an Italian, Australian abstract landscape artist who lives in Hobart, Tasmania

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About Giovanna Mazzella

Hi, my name is Giovanna Mazzella.

I was born and raised in Sydney until I was 8 years old and then spent most of my childhood to my mid twenties overseas in Malaysia, India and Japan where I went to school and later worked. As a young teenager living in India I was surrounded by family friends who were artists, sculptors, photographers and writers who involved me in their process and encouraged me to create and experiment.  Within my own family, my great uncle, Mario Mazzella was a well known artist from Ischia in the south of Italy, who was knighted in 1981 in recognition of his contribution to the arts.

In my late teens while living in Japan, I took up black and white photography and had a makeshift dark room set up in a very cramped futon cupboard where I spent many hours developing and printing. Later on, when I returned to Australia,  I trained as a horticulturalist and worked in Far North Queensland with a landscape architect firm drafting plans and designing gardens.

In 2012 I moved to Tasmania and immediately felt like I was home. After completing my Bachelor of Social Work and starting work in that field, I began painting in my spare time. I now have a wonderful light filled studio in the center of Hobart that overlooks Mt Wellington and divide my time between painting and working as a social worker in the aged care sector with a not-for-profit NGO.

My art is influenced by my childhood experiences & memories, my love of nature and passion for the incredible beauty of the Tasmanian landscape. I am very lucky that my work takes me all over Tasmania and when on the road I always travel with my camera to capture images of the ever changing colour and form of the trees, fields & hills, crop patterns in paddocks and the shimmering shapes, reflections and shades of colour that appear on the dams, creeks and rivers I pass.

My art is representational of the natural world I inhabit and my aim when creating a painting is to reflect the peace and tranquility I experience when in nature. For me it is all about simplicity and harmony – organic lines & texture, simple shapes and a soft colour palette, working together to evoke a visual sensation of calm & stillnes

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