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Gabbi Lancaster


My work is inspired by nature’s wonder and my imagination. I hope to portray the deep interconnections I feel and to express emotions which are beyond words… I delight in the endless possibilities, moments of abandon and intuitive experimentation in the painting process.

Artworks: 33

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About Gabbi Lancaster

I am an artist living in Maroubra, Sydney and painting from my home-studio. Working in my peaceful space, leafy garden with tall eucalyptus trees, I am easily immersed in the scenes and visions I paint. The secret life of trees and birds has become a focal point in my work. The trees in my local Sydney environment are under threat and some have been removed. I am compelled to spend time with the endangered trees, painting a body of work highlighting the magnificence, beauty and vulnerability of trees and the birds that live in them. I approach my paintings with an openness that allows the paintings to develop and transform in surprising ways. Many layers emerge and fade in an emotional play, allowing and releasing, revealing and concealing. My early art education had a strong emphasis on figurative drawing and portraiture. These are still integral elements in my work and are interwoven with my delight in nature’s harmonies. I am passionate and radically open when it comes to sharing my love of art. I teach art to children at the local primary school and hold drawing & painting workshops for adults.

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