2019 Felicia Lowe

Felicia Lowe

Perth, Western Australia

I am besotted with the colour, light & form of Australia.

Joyfully I have spent the past 20 years interpreting our landscape,
sunlight, animals & plants through my art, and am now delighted to
be able to share my work through Art Lovers Australia.

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About Felicia Lowe

Felicias professional arts practice – The Artful Flowe – was established July 1999 in Kalgoorlie Western Australia. The Artful Flowe studio is now based on in the scenic Perth Foothills in Western Australia.

Felicia was surrounded by art & architecture from an early age, with her family enthusiastically encouraging her to observe, create and convey.  Early inspirations lay with Monet & Turner,  yet it was the Heidelberg School and particularly Hans Heysen that have been the most powerful influences for her arts practice – where you can witness the contrast & delight of sunlight as a key component

” The movement of sunlight and very unique colours of the Australian landscape simply captivate me.”

Essential to Felicias arts practice is to create high quality artwork depicting the everyday wonders and outlooks of the Australian lifestyle.  To remind viewers of the beauty around us,  to engage with the wider general public through the visual arts,  and to bring a little bit of arty joy.  Felicia highly values being able to create her artworks,  enjoys being able to teach, mentor & to pass on her extensive knowledge to students and to provide support to numerous charitable organisations.

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