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Eva Horvath Portrait

Eva Horvath


Eva is a Melbourne-based artist who has returned to full-time painting after twenty years of running her own art and framing gallery in Brighton, Victoria.

Since 2010 Eva has participated in group exhibitions at Articall Art & Framing Galley, Studio Gallery Melbourne, Without Pier Gallery, and Linden Art Gallery. In addition to painting daily, Eva still conducts weekly art classes at the Articall studios in Cheltenham, Melbourne, where all available paintings may be viewed prior to purchase.

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About Eva Horvath


The primary focus of my art practice is to interpret in paint a range of subjects that stimulate my imagination.

My immediate surroundings are a constant source of inspiration for my paintings.

Whether it be the natural environment, the urban landscape, or interior spaces in their many various permutations, some element from the spaces I inhabit will invariably make it into the work in some way.

Abstraction and experimentation with painterly effects is also an essential element in most of my artwork, whether working on representational subjects, or more free-form non-figurative imagery.

I predominantly work on large-scale canvases, as the format allows me to combine a broad ‘arm action’ mode of painting using large brushes, with more delicate and detailed mark-making applied with a finer touch.

Over the years my approach has evolved from painting hard-edge flat areas of colour in acrylics, to a more gestural and painterly form of expression using oil paint, combined with a variety of mediums such as pastels, pencils and charcoal.

The artwork ‘Scarlet Reflection’ exemplifies this expressionistic melding of drawing and painting on a canvas base, employed as a means of interpreting some of the drama and beauty seen in the Australian landscape.

Kaleidoscopes of indelible images observed in the urban and natural environment almost always make it onto the canvas in some form. Impressions of moody, colourful, ever-changing skies, and reflections of light and shadows seen in bodies of water are constant sources of inspiration for my art, some still works in progress.

With all my work, the main objective is to explore and interpret interesting subjects in a variety of ways, while achieving aesthetic harmony and balance.


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