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Donna Maloney


My inspiration has always come from nature and the Great Barrier Reef is my passion. Most of my paintings reflect memories of spending time with my family going to National Parks and the beach.

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About Donna Maloney

Donna Maloney is a Brisbane based artist who predominantly works with watercolours and mixed media, she is also known for her work with acrylics and alcohol inks. She is known and been recognised for her efforts in this field.
Donna loves to experiment and try different techniques in her work. She enjoys the natural progression of using mixed mediums, including oil pastels, oil paint and acrylic inks. Having experimented in many ways of using these beautiful and expressive mediums she is now focussed on applying them with her own style.

Her current work includes a series of coral reef paintings in watercolour and the Enchanted Blooms series which are the lotus flowers along Ross River, in Townsville in mixed media.
Donna is a lover of all things natural, beautiful and peaceful and finds inspiration everywhere, from the ocean to the forest. She derives much pleasure from being able to share her paintings with the world. She was just recently commissioned to create a series of new works with a tropical reef theme that are now displayed in a new resort in the Maldives.
Donna’s inspiration has always come from nature and the Great Barrier Reef is her passion. This passion sparked during her honeymoon in Mission Beach and during tours out to the reef. Snorkelling around the coral was amazing, there was so much life, colour, movement and the different textures of the coral. My favourite is the fan coral which is why it’s in so many of my paintings.
Donna lived in North Queensland for 20 years amid the vibrancy of the tropics and seascapes filled with such beauty. Her art allows her to share this experience with those she loves and who love art.

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