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Diya Dasgupta

Sydney, NSW

Diya is a Sydney based artist and designer with a global perspective and is an exuberant colour and pattern enthusiast. Her work is shaped by nature and her multicultural upbringing and travels.

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About Diya Dasgupta

Colour, pattern and print are my greatest loves. They offer a wealth of inspiration as they take me on a marvellous journey of self-discovery. I believe colour and pattern tells stories that can move us and in doing so, have the power to connect each and every one of us. My goal is to design a visual language that I can share with like-minded individuals like yourself, who not only understand the passion for self-discovery but more importantly, that such passion must never end for it is life-giving.

My work is an infusion of my Indian upbringing and my experiences of other cultures, places, people and ideas that I have had the opportunity to come into contact with over the last several years. They come together in harmony and when combined, create something new, a hybrid, a new perspective, an altogether new way of seeing. It is, thus, not simply about me but also about you. In short, it is about us. This is my design philosophy.

Designed in Sydney and inspired by nature, travel and the world around me, I create my artworks by combining handmade and digital techniques. They are often heavily layered and reflective of our lives and us as people and community. That we are multidimensional, complex and forever evolving. I hope that when people look at my work, that they discover a part of themselves in it.

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