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Dinah Wakefield


“What I love most about the Noosa region of Australia is the everyday interplay of light. From the ocean to the clouds and out to the hinterland, this canvas unfolds before me and finds expression in my paintings.”

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About Dinah Wakefield

The Light Within

All her life, Dinah Wakefield has been fascinated by the light within. That essential essence that exists under the surface of our everyday reality. “It is this light within that I seek to capture in my paintings.”

“Every painting starts as a leap of faith. I invite the light into my garden studio and I allow it to unfold and express itself in its own unique way. Sometimes I have a glimpse of where the light will take me and other times I don’t. I simply allow the paint brush to flow and undulate across the canvas in a fluid and organic way.”

“I consider myself a landscape painter, but I don’t paint the landscape that I see. I paint the landscape that I experience. It is an instinctual process of creativity and expression. Each painting is a reference point for what I am experiencing in my life, just like keeping a diary.”

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