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Debra Sutton

The Manning Valley NSW

Debra Sutton is a contemporary artist from the mid-north coast of NSW Australia. She loves colour and abstracted forms and tries to infuse her work with a little humour or meaning that resonates with her and hopefully the viewer as well.

Artworks: 68

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About Debra Sutton

I have been interested in art, in colour, in design, in making a mess, since I was little. The best part of story books were always the pictures. From drawing in the sand, to drawing in chalk on the driveway art has always been a constant in my life in one form or another. I studied art all through high school and was accepted into a visual arts degree at university but decided to defer and go travelling instead (who wouldn’t 🙂 I lived in the UK for many years and painted and exhibited my work in galleries in Glasgow. From here I sold pieces to Europe, the UK and Japan.
Since returning to Australia I have really focused on my painting and have sold work to the USA, the UK and many pieces within Australia…the Gold Coast, South Coast, The Hunter Valley and Sydney, Perth etc…Many things inspire me, nature inspires me…the vastness of it. I love to combine natures elements with my own imaginings and create something in between…something not quite real but evocative enough to take you with me into the beautiful, quirky abstract world of my own imagination.

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