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Debbie Parker


Hi I’m Deb Parker.
I’ve been and artist for more than 25 years and in that time my interests have  remained around the things I see here in Australia. I’ve exhibited in galleries and events on east coast on Australia during that time and concentrated my efforts on Australian scenes and Birds with Movement and Light painted in my style of “expressive impressionism” .

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About Debbie Parker

I used transparent watercolour to begin with and took the things I learned from experimenting with water-based mediums on paper to acrylic medium on Stretched canvas and linen. It’s a process of using multiple transparent layers of paint and dry medium fixed with acrylic painting medium. Because it takes some time for the layers to dry between coats I work in series of several similarly themed paintings over a mater of weeks. This allows me to incorporate random water and brushwork effects into the representational forms I create.
It’s really difficult to establish the credibility in representation when you work as quickly as I have to using these techniques I have developed over more than twenty five years of my art practice.
My greatest admiration goes to Vincent van Gogh for especially the works done when he was hospitalised but I love the work of our Australian expressionist Margaret Woodward and many of the European artists and transformers of the 1890 to 1920s the greatest stage of innovation I know of.
I love to see in situ photos of my work in my client’s homes, on gallery walls in the many finals I have been included in, in Australia and also in the fundraising events I participate in throughout the year.
My biggest wish is to win a major art prize and I have been in the finals of the Waterhouse Art Prize in Adelaide, The Saint George Art Prize in Sydney, The Stanthorpe Art Prize last time and several of the Lethbridge Gallery’s Prizes as well as others. My best achievement so far has been sell half my solo show in 2017, a pretty big thing in though times. Better work is coming out of my studio now so I really excited for the future.

I paint full time now and you will see more of my work at the David Linton Furniture and Timber Works in Maple street Maleny and Makersville Gallery and Gift Shop in Main street Montville.

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