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Debbie Kampes

Adelaide SA

I’m an Australian artist, living in Adelaide. I mainly paint portraits using acrylic paints. I love painting with colours and also love to paint with black and white.

I also paint in collaboration with Indigenous artist Renee Watego. Our pieces of art each one are very special and have incredible stories to tell through our work.

My inspiration to paint is mainly the many faces of people around the world including celebrities. The larger the canvas to paint on for me the better!

Artworks: 18

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About Debbie Kampes

Born in Adelaide, South Australia. Art and Music are life. Although I grew up with a burning passion for the Arts and also Music, somehow as years passed by this all became lost in my pursuit of happiness and my purpose in life. Later in life I took the path as a Professional Photographer in a family owned business. This put me back in touch with my desire for ‘Creativity.’ All I’ve done throughout life has always been about being creative and especially about being different than the next person. I love how I can express myself through my paintings and I love to inspire others to find their creative side. I believe life and all its successes are about pushing those boundaries and never holding back. I am a very social, friendly person and my love for people, life and pursuit for happiness is shown through my art.

“We are all born with distinct talents and gifts that set us apart from each other, it is through our talents that we can find our unique calling in life.”

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