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Dean Ware

Mystery Bay South Coast NSW

Artist who specializes in creating sculpture from Nature and `place`, Photographer and trained Picture Framer using Driftwood and other reclaimed timbers.

Artworks: 16

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About Dean Ware

I was born in Canberra and moved to Burrill lake on the South Coast when i was 24. My love of surfing and nature were all the inspiration i needed, and i happily left the city behind. I first picked up a camera when i was around 12, a Kodak Instamatic, and have kept up this art form to this day.

Over the years of exploring and surfing the coast, i collected a large quantity of Driftwood and other local timbers which led me to create Lakewood Framing and Photography which flourished well until the digital age reshaped the industry.

Around 2010 i started working with nature both ephemerally and in sculpture, realizing my connection with the spirit of place. In surfing, you revolve around the cycles of both weather and sea, the same i found with the nature of land, weather and water. To me, both are a pure experience. Being in place, new senses are awaken felt through connection, of mind, body and time itself, and you reach, to me, naturally, without effort, a feeling of absolute belonging…a calmness, clarity and peace that you just don`t find elsewhere.

This feeling is carried in the making of the works, which they carry with them in their sculptural life…the nature of place and spirit are still there, contained within.

It is an art reflective of this entire cycle, state, environment…planet. It is an art that never ends, real, change, time…ephemerality.

In mid 2013 i moved south to Mystery Bay, surrounded by National Park and over looked by Gulaga, sacred Mother Mountain, where i continue with these art forms, working with the weather, with the nature of `place`…ideas constantly form and grow, material leading the way, time both friend and foe…tide line, stream or forest.

The idea of me making a piece entirely from nature and selling the work is that the owner will place the sculpture in their own environment, the piece becoming part of that environment, lasting many years, but still carrying the spirit of placeand the making.

My work can be purchased as listed or you can commission me to make a piece (this option provides for the sculpture to be fresh allowing the beholder to be a part of the change process as the sculpture ages).

If you are visiting or live on the South Coast, you can contact me and pick up the piece in person.

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